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At Ashridge Karate Academy, we take student safety very seriously.

With great thanks to Rush Judo, you can be rest assured that the Ashlyns Dojo is Covid Safe.

Entering the Dojo

The dojo floor will be cleaned using cleaning products prior, during and after the classes 

Students must enter the dojo ready to train (in karate Gi) and bring a drink.

Parents may drop off their children off at the bottom of the steps by the dojo.  

Anyone entering the school entrance by the dojo and when in the dojo MUST WEAR A FACE MASK including dropping off students.

There is a one way system into the dojo.

There will be a temperature check followed by the instructor logging the student attending in the attendance register.  

This will be used if required for Track & Trace. If a students shows symptoms of Covid - 19, then they will not be allowed to train and

their parents contacted immediately so they can take them home. 

Students must take off shoes at the edge of the dojo , bow and then take position on their 3m x 3m space.

There are individual baskets placed on each training square for shoes, clothing and drinks.

When the student is in their own area, they can remove their face mask 

Students MUST NOT step outside of their training square during the class. 

Students are not allowed to shout (kiai) as this may spread particles across the dojo. 

During the Class

Sensei John will teach the class from either the floor facing the dojo, or on the dojo depending on the number of students in the class. 

Any instruction will be socially distant and no contact will be made by the instructor or any other student. Sensei John will wear a face visor when required.

Students MUST stay within their training area at all times. 

If a student needs to go to the bathroom, they will leave the dojo via the one way system and re enter the dojo entrance.

The student MUST wear a mask during this time.

Leaving  the Dojo

Junior students will remain within their 3m x 3m training area until their parent or guardian arrives at the bottom of the steps. 

Parents must make themselves seen by the instructor and MUST WEAR A FACE MASK

Once seen, the student will collect their belongings from the basket, put on their mask and will leave the dojo via the one way system.

Parents will leave the dojo back up the stairs, being careful not to cross any other persons path and ensuring they are wearing a face mask. 

These are unusual and difficult times. Sensei John will be strict on social distancing rules at all times. 

We will still have fun and learn karate - honest! 

Covid Risk Assessment

Ashridge Karate Academy Covid Risk assessment can be found below. This is reviewed on a regular basis. 

The pictures below show the measures taken at Ashridge Karate Academy, thanks to Rush Judo.

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